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Why are you so open with your Atheism?

I gets asked that a lot. Why am I so open with my atheism? Why am I so vitriolic?

It’s an easy answer, really. It goes back to last year when I first became open as an Atheist.

I wasn’t mean about it, I didn’t care about religion. I didn’t care what others believed. I didn’t care at all. Until it affected me. You see, at the time I was contracted through DJs Unlimited Productions. These guys loved me, and my performances. Every time I performed for them they raved about it. It was good times.

Shortly after I accepted my atheism, and changed my religious status on Facebook to reflect this. I stopped hearing from them. Then Jeremy, one of the managers/employees there, who was my main contact, texted me telling me he needed my SSN# Address, etc for their Payroll. I willingly handed over the information. Then nothing. They won’t return my calls, they won’t answer me on Facebook. You can see to the left and up from here that I posted this question to their wall. They deleted it. So I posted it again, with this screenshot. They deleted it. They refuse to answer my attempts at contact. They refuse to communicate with me in any fashion.

The only rational deduction I can make is because I’m an Atheist.

Since then I’ve been hurting for income, I’ve a Wife, Dog, Cat, 170Gallon Aquarium with 3 large Oscars, 5 convict Cichlids, 1 Pictus Catfish, and 1 Pleco, and 2 20 Gallon aquariums to take care of. It ain’t cheap. So I applied to go to work at PetSmart. I got the job. The Store manager seemed happy, she was going to call me the next day to let me know exactly what day I’d start and What time. She invited me to stay a little bit after the interview to chat about our pets. Her son and I share the same name, she seemed to like that.

Then she asked, “What church do you go to?” And I replied, “I don’t go to church.” She looked concerned and asked me, “Why not?” And I said, “Because I don’t believe in god.” Now keep in mind this is AFTER the interview! On her and my free time.

Then she said, “So are you an Atheist?” And I replied, “Well, I don’t believe in god, so I guess so.” She abruptly ended the conversation feigning a situation in the back to get away from me.

I never heard from that store again. I called them but she was always too busy to take the call and never called me back.

I live in Pasadena, Texas, so close to Houston it’s considered part of it on the SE side. The buckle of the Bible Belt. Being an Atheist is Social suicide here. And I have felt discrimination because of this.

This is my answer why I’m so angry, why I’m so vitriolic… because I can lose a Job, and Clients on the sole fact that I don’t believe in God.

What has this world come to?

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