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God Vs Aliens

I posted to the Christians vs. Atheists (Discussion board)about aliens. I asked, “What’s more likely, God Exists, or Aliens Exist? Also, Why is the one you chose more likely?” It got some interesting comments, mainly from atheists.
Is a belief in aliens an irrational belief? Is it just as unfounded in reality as the belief in God? I don’t know. I personally don’t think so. I’ll tell you why. The universe is huge. Statistically it’s highly improbable that we are the only intelligent life in the universe, let alone the only life. Didn’t they find evidence that life used to be on mars?
The bigger question is, If intelligent life does exist outside of our little blue orb, has it visited us? Maybe. It’s highly unlikely. The countless personal experiences and even physical evidence that is available seems to suggest they have. But what I don’t think people keep in mind is that we could be mistaken about this evidence. Those with personal experiences could be mistake in what they experienced.
For example, I myself am a multiple abduction encounters case. Do I believe in aliens? Sure. Do I believe my encounters were real? I don’t know. I could be mistaken.
The first encounter I had was when I was younger, around five or six. It was very dream-like, and just odd. The second encounter I had was when I was 13. I had a friend staying the night with me. At the time I had a trundle bed, my friend was on the trundle, and I was in my bed. My friend, we’ll call him Adam, and I awoke suddenly from a shared nightmare. The nightmare involved being held down on a metal table by dozens of small 3 fingered hands with a bright light all but blinding us. After awaking from this nightmare both of us were bleeding from the center of our noses between our nostrils. I of course freaked out a little and went to get my grandparents, whom raised me. Now the doorknob on my bedroom door had always been loose and you have to shake it and turn it a certain way for it to open. When I grabbed it this night it wouldn’t budge. Not at all. It wouldn’t wiggle, it wouldn’t turn, nothing. The twist lock on the knob wouldn’t even move. After banging on the door and use screaming I remember the room spinning and I blacked out.
I woke up the next morning tucked into bed. Adam was tucked into the trundle. We weren’t bleeding and we both remembered our Nightmares, and waking up from them. We both remembered bleeding from the center of our noses.
Adam moved away just a few short days after that, no warning, nothing. One day he was at school, the next he wasn’t. It was that sudden. I haven’t heard from him since.
I had a few encounters since then. Most of which were by myself as most alien encounters are. Rarely do people share these encounters.
I dismissed my encounters because of how religious I was. I would pray them away so to speak. I would try and forget about them, I would try and pretend they didn’t happen to me, that it was just my mind, or the devil, trying to trick me.
Then I moved to New York. My younger brother [personally adopted as such] Mike and I shared an experience. I remember we were walking around the Lake Osiris Country Club in the middle of the night. It’s a Golf Course. We used to LARP and play Paintball on this course. Or just walk around it at night because walking around an abandoned Golf Course at Midnight in New York Weather is freaking amazing.
If you are on Borden RD in Walden, Driving to the Borden RD Bridge [Last I checked it was Closed, I don’t know if they reopened it.] on the left there is a Pond on the golf Course. We were walking towards this pond [It’s less than a 5 minute walk from my house at the time] when I asked Mike to tell me what Time It was. It was 11:15. I was like, “Cool, let’s go chill by the pond” And we started heading towards the pond. Now there is a tree next to the pond, it was a small tree. Mike was behind me when I asked him what time it was. Suddenly, as though I blinked and upon opening my eyes, Mike was in front of me and the tree was less than eight feet away from us. I just stopped, and became very confused. I instantly asked mike what time it was, and he told me Midnight. That’s 45 minutes of time that he and I had no recollection of. We weren’t drinking, or doing drugs, nothing to alter our perceptions. It was sudden. We ran, as fast as we could, back to my house and went inside for the night. The rest of the night we racked our brains trying to remember where that 45 minutes of time went. We both get flashes here and there. The main thing is the 3 fingered hands. Mike remembers some sort of face, with the classic almond shaped, large black eyes. I remember feeling something cold and flat against my back, like a metal table. But that’s really it. I have no idea where that 45 minutes of time went.
Are my experiences proof of aliens? No. Could I be crazy? Yes. Do I expect anyone to believe me? No, I probably wouldn’t believe me. Mike on the other hand, vehemently believes that there are Aliens. And has went on to accept the belief that they may have seeded the planet with human life.
Do I believe this? I don’t think so, not exactly. Do I believe aliens exist based on my personal experiences alone? No. My personal experiences are not enough to convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that aliens exist. Now combine that with the suspicious artifacts that resemble aliens and alien encounters, Native American stories about star children/brothers/people, and the Indian Belief in the Gita, which to me reads as though someone is describing Aliens, but doesn’t have the words to accurately describe them. All of that considered, then Yes I do believe in Aliens.
My personal experience leads me to believe I have had encounters. But I am a realist, and know that personal experiences are subjective and relative, and what I perceived as happening to me may not have been what it seemed. I am a magician, so I am naturally disposed to be skeptical, because I know that the mind has a wonderful way of creating illusions. Magicians take advantage of these mental properties of their spectators all the time. I could have been hallucinating, what caused the hallucinations? I don’t know.
Do I expect anyone who reads this to believe in aliens because of my personal experiences? No, in fact please do not base any belief you have on anything I say. Research the subject yourself and draw your own conclusions.
So is a belief in god more or less rational than a belief in Aliens?
Is my belief in aliens more or less rational than a belief in god?
At least my belief is based on evidence that can be examined, not just my personal experiences alone. Though I guess if I were to be honest, I don’t believe it 100%, Because until aliens either reveal themselves, or are publicly outed I won’t know for sure.
What do you think of all this? Leave some love below, and let’s discuss it.

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