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Magic and Miracles

Being a magician I am privy to methods and techniques for fooling the human mind. The human mind is surprisingly easily to deceive. So much so that I would dare say that it is predisposed to be deceived.

This leads me to believe that ‘Miracles’ are nothing more than fabrications, or magic tricks, that have been misinterpreted as divine.

Even now, it’s become greatly popular with magicians to call our effects ‘Miracles’. I haven’t accepted this completely as I feel it is misleading. I think it gives the audience the wrong impression and allows them to believe that us magicians have supernatural or paranormal powers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any reputable magician will assure you that he or she has no powers what-so-ever, and that it is all just illusion. Personally, I think this makes Magic Tricks more impressive than “Divine Miracles”.

Think about this point for a moment. What’s more impressive, a person or being with no supernatural powers creating a seemingly supernatural effect or a person or being with supernatural powers creating a supernatural effect? What’s more impressive, someone who is not psychic ‘reading your mind’, or a psychic, who has real psychic powers, reading your mind? I think the person who creates the illusion of this is much more impressive than if someone could actually do it. If it’s within your normal range of abilities, what makes it so impressive?

But I digress. The reason I believe the miracles that Jesus did in the bible were mere magic tricks is because they are honestly not impressive from a magician’s standpoint. Any magician alive today could recreate his effects. Some have already. Criss Angel makes it appear as though he walks on water.

Practitioners of “voodoo” have ‘resurrected’ the dead before. There’s even effects out there that could make it appear as though you heal the blind. To a lay person all of these things are nothing less than miraculous.

If the biblical miracles actually happened, how do you know they aren’t just magic tricks? How do you know the person isn’t just misremembering what they heard in the story before they wrote it down in the New Testament? Human memory is far from reliable. To this day I have old high-school classmates who believe I levitated a Lunch table to the ceiling of the cafeteria back in 2002-2003.

One of my friends believed, until recently, that I made initials of someone he was merely thinking of appear on his arm. I didn’t, I made them appear on my arm. But these examples Prove that not only is the human mind impressionable, easily so, but that it also will fabricate complete falsities and the person will believe it, and swear up and down that they witnessed it, even though it didn’t happen at all. The lunch table is a perfect example of this.

There are people who angrily deny that I do not have powers, and call me a liar even if I attempt to show them how what I did is done, so they won’t believe in the supernatural abilities I do not have. But they still stick by that I’m ‘blessed’ with supernatural abilities, and refuse to believe anything else.

How then, knowing that magic tricks exist, believe the miracles of the bible without evidence to support them? There’s evidence to support they were fakes, because the same effects have been done, and been explained. Yes, even water to wine. I did that one as part of an economics project in high school.

And today, these faith healers still use Magic Tricks to con People. Check out the Video below:

Did you see that? Her leg grew. Notice a couple of things here.
1.) How tight the video is on her while the leg grows.
2.) The kind of shoes the woman is wearing, they are slip on shoes.

Now there are a couple of ways to do this effect, below Derren Brown Exposes one:

There’s even methods out there for doing it on barefooted people! It’s quite impressive and I do some faith-healing effects in my routines depending on if the audience would be receptive of me denouncing the faith healers for the scum they are.

Knowing this, how can a believer believe that these things actually happen/ed?

And knowing the human brain is so malleable and impressionable how can you even be certain of your own experiences of paranormal/supernatural things?

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? If so, even if you doubt it, tell me about it below. I’d love to read about it.

You can watch the whole Derren Brown Special, Miracles for Sale, below. I highly recommend it.

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