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Sin is Arbitrary Morality

What does it mean to sin?

Why are some things sins if they harm no one? Does this mean that sin and immorality are not synonymous? Two sins come to mind that are involuntary and harm nobody; homosexuality and atheism. If you agree with me about this, why are you still worshiping the God that supposedly made these rules?

Genetics and other factors of homosexuality:



6 thoughts on “Sin is Arbitrary Morality

  1. There’s a lot to absorb here. Good for you for thinking! According to a historian on a History Channel series on the Bible, the word “sin” originally meant “error” or “mistake;” not an offense against God. Atheism doesn’t prevent one from a good afterlife (or heaven if you so believe); nor does it keep God from loving the atheist. Didn’t expect that, huh?
    I wonder if you’re conflating God with religion and holding God to account for the failures of man-made policies? No, I’m not trying to indoctrinate you. The way I understand God, “it” is an energy that creates and sustains all of its creations (including non-believers) without judgement – as that would interfere with its ability to sustain its creations.
    The moral standard you refer to comes mostly from insecure humans. Projecting human emotions like anger and vanity onto God is also a result of human insecurity.Don’t bother with those things. Religion is the problem; not God, in my opinion.
    I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. I respect your beliefs. I just thought I’d add another viewpoint here.

    • I could be wrong (as you weren’t too specific) but it sounds like the god you believe in is either deistic or pantheistic. Thomas is clearly making an argument specifically toward the Christian/Abrahamic/monotheistic god. You may believe in that god yourself for all I know. Thing is, there’s a lot of god concepts out there. Perhaps it’s not what you believe, or the version you do, but the argument isn’t against Thomas’s own idea of god. An atheist doesn’t have one, and goes off of the beliefs of others. This is the version of god that many people believe in, just as described. So… one god at a time.

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