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Living as an Atheist: My Response

The sociology department of Berkeley University is currently conducting an academic study of atheists . If you would like to participate in this study, there are links at the bottom of this entry.

In addition to this study, Cristina Rad has started an open YouTube Tag on this subject, featuring 5 selected questions from the study. These videos are useful as they may give people an insight into what it’s like to be an atheist. Feel free to create your own video response to Cristina’s tag.

The TAG questions :

1. Were you raised atheist or did you have a religious upbringing of some sort?

Sub-point 1a: If raised religious — When and why did you become an atheist? What was this transition from religion like for you, for your family, etc.? Was this a quick transition or a slow one? Was it easy for you or difficult?

Sub-point 1b: If raised atheist — Have you ever been drawn to religion at any point in your life? Why or why not?

2. Overall, would you say that other people’s belief in God is a good thing, a bad thing or something you’re indifferent about? Why?

3. Have you ever been treated differently by people because you’re an atheist? If so, please describe this in detail.

4. If not a religious person, do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Why or why not?

5. For many people, belief in God provides hope or comfort with respect to suffering in the world and to the inevitability of death. As an atheist, how do you come to terms with these things?

My Own Video Response

This response is longer than our usual videos, but I chose to keep my answers candid and without cutting:

Participate in the Study

COPY/PASTE the forms into WORD documents and then submit your answers to :

Jerome Baggett
Professor of Religion and Society
(510) 549-5060

3 thoughts on “Living as an Atheist: My Response

  1. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    1 – I was raised christian fundie
    1a – Believers themselves show religion to be false and fake. A slow transition. I thought I was alone in my thinking back then. Coming to be atheist before gnu-atheism is a lonely journey, and slow. Nothing like that is ‘easy’
    2 – All belief in supernatural is bad. It shapes their thinking about life and the world and how to treat others. No matter how passive they are in their faith, they support true evil.
    3 – Yes, I have been treated as if I was satan himself. Among less reactive situations, once a woman screamed, started praying loudly and ran away.
    4 – I am not spiritual, it’s just the underpinning of faith without the rituals. Its wrong for the same reasons that religion is wrong.
    5 – Death is part of life. There was no before and there will be no afterwards. To not accept this is hubris. Work as hard as you need to get your head around it. Life is short, brutal, unfair, and amazing. That you can even conceive of smelling a flower or tasting honey is excuse enough to put up with all the suffering. Consider that in all the vastness of existence you are here now and can perceive and sense such delicate things. Such contradictory situations as pleasure found in the middle of endless chaos and fury is enough for me to know that I am here and I liked it.

    What about others? What do you readers think?

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