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Crashing a Faith-Healing

Well, maybe not “crashing” per se… but you’ll get our gist.

At a local faith-healing event, David demonstrates how the “miracle” performed actually works, and he debates with Pastor Lamont Melrose of the Potters House Christian Fellowship Church (Pasadena, TX) amid his own congregation.

► 2011 news story: Mom upset about religious haunted house

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8 thoughts on “Crashing a Faith-Healing

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  2. If this guy is truly a healer, then one would think that he could heal his own inability to speak Spanish so he wouldn’t need a translator!

  3. You said in the video that you personally know people (plural I think) that have died directly as a result of faith healers telling them not to take their medication. Can you name these people here please? Not that I doubt you, though I may a little, I just want to help keep you honest too :-)

    I may sound like im a against what you did in this video which I am not, well not entirely. I’m a christian and beleive if faith healers are false and causing detrment to people then they should be shown for what they are. Benny Hinn is a classic example of a charlatan fruit loop, who other christians have exposed as such, and rightly so.

    Obviously my support doesn’t extend to your comments about there not being anything supernatural, though I support your right to wrongly believe that :-)

  4. Are you going to be making this available as a podcast? I really want to watch it but I work in Afghanistan and the internet here is way too slow to stream a 30 minute youtube video…it keeps locking up.

  5. This is the problem with “unlearned” men. Which is a point of pride for the Potter’s House. They know enough Bible to make them dangerous. Case in point; at around 22 minutes into this Lamont, starts talking about Elymas, but he gets the story wrong. It was not Peter that “rebuked” him but instead it was Paul. That may seem like a trival point to make but it shows the basis of a lack of education, which is how the Potter’s House likes to keep it’s pastors and church members. Because without knowledge, fear is a more powerful and useable weapon.
    Note: I have known Lamont since he first joined the church in the early 1990’s back in Killeen, TX. I spent 11 years in the Potters House until I finally could stand it no more. I can tell you stories. Horrible horrible stories of the people and the leadership of this Bible based cult, called the Potter’s House

  6. Wao! this whole video goes to show how much prove YOU need to convince yourself that God is not real!….I think the funny thing is you are going sooo out of your way to prove Christians wrong….now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of fake people out there that sadly use Christianity as a cover up. Just like Atheist use their “belief” to feel better about their life. You didn’t have any solid proof to show this healing crusade was fake…you just talked about what YOU believed! no real proof whatsoever!!! you don’t believe in anything, but yet you DO! you believe there is no God…so sorry but you are a fake Atheist needing approval of others and that is why you make videos! you can’t judge one healing crusade from all of them! this pastor told you he believes in doctors and yet you still went against him! even in your video, you show how of a liar you are! you spoke to the pastor in a way that you made yourself look like if you were just looking for fake people yet on your video you mock him! you are worse then the fake healers!!!!

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