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Atheist Opinions of Religious Proselytizing

Like church/state separation, one might think that opinion of religious proselytizing would be one largely of consensus within the atheist community. However, we’ve noticed that any time we post or share articles on the matter (or that reference it) opinions come in a great variety.

This being the case, we decided to post a little poll on Better Off Damned’s facebook page. These are the results from shortly after it went up:

You can click here to view the live poll and add your own opinion.

As of writing this post, with about 80 votes added since taking the screenshot above, it appears that the majority still highly favors the option of simply keeping proselytization out of the public domain (ie. off of public property, out of government and politics, outside of the public school system, courtrooms, public meetings, etc).

We tend to agree with this opinion. Though, not all of the options are mutually exclusive, and we endorse other views listed as well.

It’s somewhat surprising to see how many atheists are in favor of the choices which relate in some form or another to silencing religious views.  Personally, I would much rather see religious beliefs go away by bringing people to the side of reason. Any version of banning views or speech is reprehensible. To be fair though, this poll is more indicative of personal sentiment, rather than any type of call-to-action.

Watch the video below as we have a casual conversation  of our own about the varying views of atheists concerning religious proselytizing.

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