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Our answers to your submitted “Ask Us Anything” questions.

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Question Break-down:

00:20 Autumn Jung (facebook)

This isn’t an original question (Lawrence Krauss asks it to Richard Dawkins in the Unbelievers trailer), but I’ll pose it to you guys: If you had a choice, which would be more important, to explain science or destroy religion?

03:16 Paul Barnes (email)

What do you tell people (not people you know well) if they ask if you go to church or what you believe in? Are you always straight up or do you tell people different things to avoid offense or awkwardness?

04:48 YouTube User: Ironworks35 (video response)

People always ask me if I’m an atheist because I’m angry with God. And I reply I’m only angry with people who think I should believe in God. My question is why do people thin I’m an atheist because I’m angry with something I don’t believe in?

05:53 YouTube User: FateXTime

I’m Agnostic and I don’t really believe in anything or really anything might exist as a deity. I lean more towards Atheist, but I have a thought in my head there might actually be something after all out there somewhere. If there was a creator out there and appeared before us, what would you want to ask it?

10:11 Todd Gruber, Admin of ‘No Honor in Gods or Religion‘ (facebook)

I am about 99.99+% certain about my atheism, but I’m 100% certain of my anti-theism. There is nothing good that was ever brought to us by religions which couldn’t or wasn’t also brought to us through secular values. I agree with Richard Dawkins when he said that he is as close as possible to being certain that there is no god(s), without being absolutely certain. And I agree with Madalyn Murray O’Hair when she said that religion has caused more misery to all of mankind in every stage of human history than any other single idea. Would you guys care to discuss your thoughts regarding these two issues? Thanks.

11:43 Sam Phister (email)

Are you guys going to do any more videos like the faith healing one where you infiltrate religious events? I love listening to you guys talk, but those were the best. Moar!

13:25 Michael Stone (facebook) 

Where did BOD get its symbol? It looks cool.

14:17 Shina Turchetti (email)

What do each of you do outside of BoD?

15:28 (Anonymous email)

My question is for David. I notice that a lot of magicians are very vocal atheists and skeptics. Being that you’re a magician yourself, I want to ask you, is this not a rather hypocritical profession for a skeptic considering you actively set out to deceive people?

16:20 YouTuber: Andrew Brown

Top 3 reading recommendations?

18:03 Frequently Asked Question (or rather, “assertion”)

The whole notion that being critical of religion is intolerant, and/or just as intolerant as those we accuse of being intolerant.

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