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The Flaw: Correcting “The Thaw”

What do you get when a British atheist schools Christian Americans on their country’s history? EssenceOfThought’s most recent video, a response to the viral video “The Thaw“, produced by Idaho-based group Reach America, which features teens saying they will build “an army” commanded by Christ.

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Peter Thurston, YouTube’s “EssenceOfThought“, is also the newest admin on Better Off Damned’s Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “The Flaw: Correcting “The Thaw”

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  2. I think I was most annoyed at the disrespect being shown to the flag in this purportedly pro-America video. But, I guess when you don’t know a country’s history you won’t know how to respect a flag.

  3. “My grandparents tell me that ‘The Church’ used to be the center of a community.” Yeah, and each on had two entrances–one for black people if they were allowed at all in the “community”. They were doing a bang-up job.

    • And while on the subject, the supreme court took religion out of schools because of horrible bullying on an Illinois boy who’s parents wanted to opt him out of supposedly “optional” bible education. They killed his family’s cat. Looks like these kids would do exactly that if it were to return. (Note the “no one would dare…” boy’s comment.)

  4. God is true love. He sent His only begotten Son to die that you could be saved. Except a man/woman be born again from above he/she will never see heaven. Yes, of course, all this sounds foolish until your heart cries out for the one true God. When your heart turns towards God His love melts the coolness and your eyes and ears will open.

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