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BoD Boards the Ice Bucket Bandwagon

A couple of us guys from Better Off Damned took on the Ice Bucket Challenge… because why not?

Dusty Smith, Peter Thurston, & Andre Oliver, we’re calling on you to perform the next round.

For those still somehow unfamiliar, the thing works as follows: If challenged to participate, you have to either pour a bucket of ice water over your head, or make a donation to the ALS Association (typically $100), or both. You have 24 hours to film yourself on video doing the challenge. You then elect three or more others to follow in turn.

Aside from being a genuinely worthwhile cause, we were prompted to participate due to personal annoyance with the cynical criticisms that have been popping up on social media.

It’s “wasting water”, really? Unless you’re also actively campaigning against kiddie pools, home aquariums, showers that are a minute longer than usual, etc… I can’t even begin to take this seriously. Oh, and it’s also “narcissism masquerading as philanthropy”.  It is a narcissistic endeavor for many, I’m sure.  But who cares? If we can utilize people’s narcissism to do good, the results are the same.

But I digress.

As mentioned in the video, we prefer to do the challenge along with a donation (as opposed to in lieu of one). And as we don’t have very much to give out of pocket, we put together a tee shirt campaign to reach that goal…

This special blue-on-white variation of our BoD logo tees will be available through mid-September when the campaign expires.

If you don’t require a cool t-shirt out of the deal, please donate a few bucks directly at:

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