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Egyptian Feminists Bleed and Shit on ISIS Flag to Protest Misogynist Islamic State (uncensored)

Egyptian activist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and an unnamed collaborator have made an incredibly bold statement against the Islamic State (ISIL).

This past Saturday, the exiled Elmahdy posted her most daring and controversial photo yet. She is seen squatting over a black ISIS banner which reads, “There is no God but Allah.”

Elmahdy is menstruating on the flag, while a second woman, dressed in an Islamic veil, simultaneously defecates on it while giving the middle finger to the camera.

According to Liveleak,

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy did not specify why she posted the photo, though past controversies, such as a 2011 incident in which she posed in only stockings and red shoes for her blog — to protest against Egypt’s conservative culture — suggest that she was opposing the Islamic State terror group’s brutally restrictive and misogynistic ideology.

[..] Elmahdy said in the past that her photos “scream against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.”

When you consider what Theo Van Gogh was killed for and all the violence caused by the Mohammed cartoons, this sort of imagery becomes even bolder and more powerful than it immediately appears.

Elmahdy’s Facebook feed is here. Follow her on Twitter here. Read her blog here.

via Powerful: Egyptian Feminists Literally Shit, Bleed on ISIL Flag (NSFW) – Hit & Run :

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26 thoughts on “Egyptian Feminists Bleed and Shit on ISIS Flag to Protest Misogynist Islamic State (uncensored)

  1. Hi

    I just went on the website, there used to be a forum for posting things, I can’t find it now. Has it been removed?



    • she is crazy . you can demonstrate in a dignified way not showing your private parts . she must be totally out of it . i feel sorry for her parents who still live in Egypt .

      • Do you feel sorry for the journalist who have been beheaded by Islam? Those Islamic animals don’t deserve her dignity.

      • Bravo Tony. What is so undignified about the human body? It’s natural. Do you not poop? Do you not have reproductive organs? Shame is a powerful tool for oppression. Take away the shame, and you’ve broken their tool.

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  3. I am only offended by use of the guns in the picture. The message is loud and clear and is bound to enrage. Are the woman pushing for war? Although Isis have a very twisted view of the Koran Isis will take this very seriuously. There could be Isis sympathiers who up until now decided not to go. I imagine they will see this image as the work of the devil. They will describe it as a calling. Egyptians may be offended to. It will be interesting to see how the story explodes. It’s an image I do not need to look at again as it will stay imprinted forever. It would be ironic if this sped up the call for a war. I am not an Historian but I am not aware of a war starting because of a photo.

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  5. The very point of it is that the Fartists Formerly Known as ISIS do not understand any other language than the gun.They must be eradicated. They are not amenable to reason.

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    • What was wrong with the Nazi’s? They almost eliminated the Jews. Judaism is a religion and Christianity and Islam are nothing more than continuations of Judaism.

      But of course you’re a bunch of hypocrites because for some reason Atheists never, ever go after Judaism which is funny since again… It’s the root of the other two.

      Funny that.

  7. Good on you gutsy girls, those ISIS sub human retards will shit their pants and run away when the Kurdish womans army, fuck em up good.

    PS; Yay weve started bombing them with our FA18’s, that would be such fun to go on a turkey shoot like that. Id pay $10,000 for a seat on that baby just to pull the trigger.

  8. And just wait till our 30 tac teams (SASR special forces) start raising hell, those devil worshippers will wish and pray they we’re never born. One special WW1 trick is wack the criminals and then wrap them up in pigskin and leave them on the side of the road without burial. Hahahaha.

  9. While defecation does disgust me to my core, it’s the use of menstruation to ‘contaminate’ or use to disrespect ISIS. Menstruation is a sacred process by which the Door to Life is cleansed and cared for. I applaud their bravery but couldn’t they find some dignified way of protesting? Cutting up the flag, dumping trash on it, etc?

    • that may be how you see menstruation but the message is even more powerful when you consider how menstruating women are looked at in Islamic culture. it’s seen as something dirty and female.

  10. well Isis can only blame themselves ,going around killing anyone WHO is not like themselves,what do they expect .Isis is a bad propaganda for islam ,and the muslim World not doing seriously thing about them ,not to say that some muslim countries support them and supply them with suicide bomers

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