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18 Fucked Up Conservative Christian Arguments Against Marriage Equality

“I’ve stated it before and I shall stand by my motion, Christians (Or any religious individual) which stands by the argument that by accepting homosexuality you have done away with the sanctity of God and have no way to condemn paedophilia, bestiality and rape should in fact be placed on the sex-offenders register. Why? Well clearly they have no understanding of the core and basically decent principle of informed consent, only managing to control their urges down to threat of hellfire. This is not a safe state to be in, especially in the modern era where belief in God is shrinking rapidly.” 
-Peter Thurston, EssenceOfThought


[2] Numbers 31:1-18


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One thought on “18 Fucked Up Conservative Christian Arguments Against Marriage Equality

  1. Very well done video. I’m completely against your point of you. However I still like your argument. It is articulate and very well done. I can appreciate the definition of marriage from 400 years. In this country we are motivated by we are motivated by law rule of law. Before 2012 the voters of this nation defined marriage. The LGBT groups and media was not happy with the will the people instead of petitioning for change you use Liberl courts to push forth a agenda. The name-calling has got to stop. I agree government should be completely out of the role of marriage. Don’t bash my thought process to harshly. Best of luck to both of us in the role of ideas .

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