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ISIS Uses Child Jihadi to Execute Two Men (Uncensored Video)

ISIS Films Child Soldier Purportedly Executing Russians


A new video released by the official Islamic State media wing, Al Hayat Media, shows a young boy executing two Russian FSB agents captured by the organization. The boy was previously featured in an ISIS propaganda film showing the training of child soldiers in Kazakhstan.

In the seven-minute video, the two Russians are interrogated about their alleged attempts to infiltrate the jihadist organization in Syria after which the young boy shoots both of them. He looks to be about 10 years old or younger.

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 There has been some speculation, upon viewing, that the executions within this video may have been staged. We cannot attest at this time as to whether or not this may be the case. However, the possibility of such is yet another reason why blogs and news sites should responsibly disseminate these types of videos uncensored. Regrettably, most outlets seem to be doing the contrary. It had (at time of posting) taken a lot of digging to find this original, un-reedited cut.

14 thoughts on “ISIS Uses Child Jihadi to Execute Two Men (Uncensored Video)

  1. Pause it at 6:51 and it’s easy to see that a bullet at point blank range to the back of the head would defiantly be more bloody and dramatic then this staged video that’s why who ever made this bs video added the dramatic sound it’s fake staged BS!

    • uh you do realize this is how it really would look. real life shootings like this never look as violent as they do in movies. a lot of commenter’s here don’t seem to realize this.

    • It’s almost certainly real. First off no reason to fake this plenty of people they view as enemies and their elaborate social media propaganda machine is running totally wild (they are hugely beurocraric with the prisoner committee and propaganda committees elaborately planning and sending orders to the well trained media branch who make and elaborately dispense material in HD using bots, hacking, etc to spam Twitter or to go to dispsrse tactfully online, protecting identity and hacking with skill and systematic care. The executions are now elaborate and shocking, alsnost pornographic, from mass executions earlier, to first person helmet cams using AKs and specifically splicing call of duty like effects and even referencing rhe game in pamphlets, that’s not enough so. man in cage is burnt alive, another shows a slow motion pointblank gunshot to the back of the head blowing it apart in Hollywood gorefest style, the shot a man point blank with an anti aircraft gun blowing him apart, here they have a prepubescent boy quickly and coldly shooting two ment point blank and videos of elaborate trig irons training of children (these arent the streets of Uganda these are smart battle hardened commanders who have been in combat with the Americans for a decade, against the syrian army, the other Rebels, the Iraqi army, the kurds and Shis militas, the western special ops, the jet bombings, the Iranian republican guard, and the older the soviets. They are turning these kids into the best soldiers one possibly could. Anyway tangential. oh, and th media has social media campaign is worth millions.

      Secondly the other videos are clearly real and are frequently confirmed by governments. They look just like any combat deaths if you look at footage from other wars. In gunshot executions there is a lot of blood and sometimes none visible. These are handguns and hitting the skull won’t often burst an artery (though in some vids they have). Usually someone getting shot just looks like a person falling over. Closed inspection of the corpse shows sometimes minor damage and blood, other times the face is warped, eyeball popping out, and rivers of blood. It’s not always that bloody because of endless variables like bullet calibre, gun type, area hit, distance, etc. This looks real and given the track record I have little doubt it’s fake. The more stylish they become I think the more fake they appear but that’s a Hollywood type view and they are going for a Hollywood look. But their earlier shootings and beheadings and crucifixions and stoning and so on, are very very real and immediately clear that they are real. And these are just stylized now to look “cool” and amp it up. I would bet 100,000 dollars it’s real without fear of losing. People thought the Jordanian firefighter was fake cause it was so Hollywood in style, but to astute observers onviously real and confirmed by Jordan’s government (as with other American, or Japanese killings for example). This is real, they’ve turned the propaganda into a gleeful high funded warporn shoot with creativity and skill. Don’t let that fool you. This shit is real, and they have the means to kill easily. My skepticism would be if the Russians were spies, it’s possible, but they could have confessed through torture or coercion, that is where my skepticism would lie. They could in theory just be Chechen fighters trying to flee, of rapists, pedophiles, separate rebel group, or caught in a homosexual act. Who knows, whatever their role they are dead.

  2. Fuck you all,, stupid ideots destroyed name of islam with fools like you.. Since when kids started killing people in islam?? any one below age of 14 was never let to take part with muslim militants in islam time.. Had ISIS forgiven those guys they would have changed had Allah willed,, killing will not change anything. Let Allah curse those who trying denounce his religion. Stupid ISIS, losers and liars. Why would any one be scared of death. Every one shall die. There is no escape

  3. Lie up on lie, The religion of peace turn to religion of blood shed?? look for the name, it’s known as ISLAM,,, comes from SALAM and peace,, start the war of words,, not the war of blood,, killing every one and everything,, Change minds, rather than getting rid off people. Who knows who created ISIS, certainly not a muslim

  4. At 6:51 you can clearly see the bullet impact, the movement of his clothing, and also what appears to possibly be an entry wound on the left side of his neck. At 6:54 you can see what appears to be blood coming out of the second victim’s nose. To me this appears to be real.

  5. You guys are fucking retards, everything is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Grow up idiots, go to that country and let them behead you or shoot you and then let me know how fake it is!

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  7. I’m a Video analysis, and after I “worked” on this Video for 2 Hours Now, and analizing every single frame with all the tools I have, I can say that this Video is Real. Some peaople here Saying that it doesent look real in case of missing blood, but, there isn’t any missing Blood, and I can say that the entrance of the Bullet is real and don’t made with any effects. I’m working for a Special Unit of the German “Bundeswehr” so I know what I’m talking about and what I’m doing, I saw enough of this Videos.

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