Better Off Damned is a group consisting of a few friends with a mutual motivation to lend our voices and individual talents to the movement to eradicate religious irrationality and the intrinsic harm it causes.

Together, along with a growing online community of fellow atheists & anti-theists, we espouse that not only can we be “good without god”, but rather, our disbelief actually enables us to be better.

Our avocation is not our vocation

We do our best to spend as much time as we can updating this blog, our facebook community page, and our youtube channel with new and engaging content. However, we are not “professional atheists”. In other words, we do not do this for a living. We appreciate your patience when updates are occasionally slow.

About the admins

In addition to our roles in the atheist movement…





 David (Dai) Masters is an aquatics specialist in the pet industry, as well as a professional close-up magician. He has also been a dog trainer, and is a pitbull destigmatization advocate. He is an enthusiastic fisher and aquarium-keeper.

 Jack Lawrence is an independent filmmaker, videographer, and music video director. He is also avid in photography and special effects makeup, as well as dabbling in many other creative mediums.

 Thomas Hansen is a graphic design student, artist, indie videogame developer. He also has a penchant for animation. He likes turtles.