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Fuck the Pope!

punch awaits

A response to the Pope’s morally reprehensible comments regarding the violence in Paris against the satirists at the French weekly, Charile Hebdo.

“As though the Catholic Church hadn’t already done everything it possibly could to absolutely obliterate the moral credibility it never had, this morning, I woke up to the Pope — the vicar of Christ, the head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church — advocating actual physical violence in response to offensive, or provocative speech, thereby inciting violence, and coddling the terrorists who killed my fellow satirists last week at the French weekly, Charlie Hedbo.” –Brian Keith Dalton, Mr. Deity

“For those of you who agree with me, please post using the hashtag #FuckThePope.
For those who disagree, please post using the hashtag #FuckTheDeity (I win either way).”



Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: ‘You cannot insult the faith of others’

Vatican: Pope’s Charlie Hebdo Comments Do Not Justify Attack

The Pope is wrong on religious speech

How world’s press responded to ‘the punching Pope’

5 thoughts on “Fuck the Pope!

  1. With fear being the foundation of “their” love and the astonishing level of willful ignorance religion has been getting away with murder and remained above reproach for eons. Jesus is the PR campaign of all time. As a child I was struck by nuns with their crosses of Jesus for asking “why” during my years in catholic schools. Superstition is a primal ancient left-over that is slowly devolving out of our psyche. Like our tonsils and appendix are devolving out of our bodies. I became vocal about my Atheism after I read about Pope John Paul’s opposition to condoms during the height of the AIDS crisis here and in S. Africa and anywhere in the world where people believed him was a crime against humanity. To me Popes are newly appointed CEOs and that religion as just another “Too Big To Fail” business. I never hold back my criticism. Loving B.O.D. “In Dog I Trust!”

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  3. Even though I am a Christian (although a literal Protestant in the old-fashioned real sense of the term), I have to agree with your sentiments regarding this promoter of human misery. Screw the bastard! At least you guys think for yourselves, and don’t buy into the popular hype promoting this dirtbag.

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